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peephole n : a hole (in a door or an oven etc) through which you can peep [syn: spyhole]

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From peep + hole.



  1. A small hole, opening, or glass, especially in a door, through which to look.

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A peephole is a small opening (or glass window) cut in a door, typically to allow people inside to see outside without opening the door. Glass peepholes are often fitted with a fisheye lens to allow a wider field of view from the inside and little to no visibility from the outside.
peephole in French: judas optique

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Texas tower, air hole, armhole, beacon, belvedere, bleachers, blowhole, bridge, bullet-hole, bunghole, conning tower, cringle, deadeye, eye, eyelet, gallery, gasket, gazebo, grandstand, grommet, guide, keyhole, knothole, lighthouse, lookout, loop, loophole, manhole, mousehole, observation post, observatory, outlook, overlook, peanut gallery, pharos, pigeonhole, pinhole, placket, placket hole, porthole, punch-hole, ringside, ringside seat, sighthole, spiracle, tap, top gallery, tower, vent, venthole, watchtower
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